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Having a car is synonymous with autonomy and freedom. You can go anywhere whenever you want, without depending on (public transport) timetables and without spending on tickets for these every day. However, not everyone can afford a top-of-the-range vehicle or even one with the technological features that almost everyone already has.

If you want to get your hands on them and enjoy the benefits of technology in your car, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a late-model car: just buy some gadgets to modernize it and others that can be very useful behind the wheel.

USB Car Charger

Imagine taking a long trip (even a short trip) without a battery on your smartphone, without being able to receive messages or calls, let alone make a call in case of an emergency. Horrible, isn’t it? Luckily, there are USB car chargers on the market. There are several options available with the charging device and the voltage regulating adapter. You can find them on Amazon and in mobile phone stores.

Universal bracket

It is not about the support attached to the moon with a suction cup in which the mobile phone is visible to everyone. This bracket is ideal for those who have space problems in their car, as it is placed between the center console and the seat (it is compatible with any car) and allows you to leave other items that you need to have on hand, such as your wallet. Price: less than 15 euros.

There are also other types of supports, such as the one that attaches to the ventilation grilles and other magnetic ones, in which other types of objects such as keys or coins can be left.

Handsfree Handsfree

A must have in older vehicles that do not have USB and Bluetooth. Not only does it allow us to receive and make calls in complete comfort at the wheel: it also allows us to play our favorite music from our mobile phone. The variety of brands and designs is endless, so we recommend you take a look at this article.

So we don’t fall asleep at the wheel…
Advice Drive is a portable device that helps keep you alert at the wheel, keeping you from falling asleep. It works through an app on the mobile capable of detecting the driver’s fatigue and level of attention. If you do not pay attention to the road, the phone will emit an acoustic signal to alert you. If you don’t react within 20 seconds, the app will notify your contacts. Available for iOs and Android.

Security camera

If you have trouble parking your car and end up doing it “by ear”, this is your ideal gadget. If you don’t have a car with a rear camera, you can get a much cheaper RearVision system, consisting of a camera and a screen (it costs about 65€ on Amazon). It will allow you to see the back of the car while backing up so you can avoid getting on the sidewalk or hitting other vehicles, people or animals crossing behind you.

GPS Tracker

The operation of this gadget is simple: you need to link your device to your mobile phone in order to always know the exact location of your car. Very useful for parents who have young children but also in case someone tries to steal your car. He can get you out of a big trouble, so don’t hesitate to get him.

Anti-tangle mirror dead

One of the technological functions of the latest generation of cars is the blind spot alert, which allows us to increase our field of vision even in those dead spots of the mirrors. However, if your car is older, there are extra mirrors that stick to your rear-view mirror and perform the same function while being much cheaper.


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