How to have a smart home adapted to any budget

Do you think you don’t have an economy that allows you to have a house with technology, do you think that light sensors, smart appliances or home automation are not within your reach? Then you’ll be surprised to find out what it costs to own a house like this because there’s technology to suit every budget.

Security is also smart

There’s no point in skimping on our security. Knowing who enters and who leaves our house is perhaps the greatest concern of many Spaniards. That’s why there are many security measures adopted to any economy. For example, smart locks’ can cost us as little as EUR 40. Its particularity is that we can open and close doors without the traditional keys, using a numeric keypad.

From 250 euros we can find a more sophisticated system of access to our home. The company that sells it is called Somfy and it is a small device that is placed in the lock and saves us from carrying the keys. Its operation is very simple, it does not need a numeric keypad, just bring a key ring, a bracelet or your mobile phone to the device and the door will open.
If you want to see who is arriving at your home, you can choose a virtual doorbell that is connected – via wifi and a camera located at the door – to your own mobile. Its price is around 250 euros.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

In relation to security cameras, there are many models and prices. But from a small amount, we can control in detail what happens inside our home when we are not there, as well as in the surrounding area. For example, there are cameras that are placed inside, with the capacity to record up to 32 gigs and with a viewing angle of more than 130º. Its price is around 195 euros. For the exterior and provided that we respect the minimum access strip to the house, we can control who is close to our house with cameras from 290 euros. They have a 180° viewing angle, LED and infrared illumination. Depending on the complexity, they can cost up to 600 €.

Small devices that make our life easier

Did you know that there are models that tell you when something unexpected happens? For example, a leakage of water from the washing machine or dishwasher, or when you leave the freezer open. Through a mobile application, we can receive alerts of this type. Its cost is 45 euros and it will undoubtedly make us feel much more at ease.

We can also control the mobile phone the temperature of our home through sensors very simple to install. For only 30 euros we can lower the temperature, raise it or turn it off even when you are away from home. The light sensors are very useful and help us to direct the light by remote control, its price is around 65 euros. This, in addition to making our lives a little easier, helps us to reduce our electricity bill by 18%.

In the kitchen, practicality is paramount

One of the places in the house that has evolved the most is the kitchen, as well as the tasks, habits or time we spend on it. That is why there are many possibilities within this space. First of all, it is advisable to prepare this part of the house with a computer network and wifi connection compatible with all appliances.

The idea is to be able to interact with everyone through our phone.
Afterward, the kitchen must be equipped with the appliances that allow all of these advances. For example, there are ovens that know how to cook depending on the food we have put into them. Its price is around 1,000 euros. There are also refrigerators with touch screens, even connected to our phone to see from the supermarket what food we have to put in the shopping basket. And we can find them for about 1,300 euros.

How much does a home automation house cost?

In short, having a smart home is no longer a matter for a few people. Taking into account all the possibilities, a house of 90 square meters with a basic home automation system, including air conditioning, lighting, access system to the house could cost around 1,800 euros. If we want to add a video surveillance system, we would have to add another 3,000 euros, and another 4,500 euros if we want to have a kitchen with the latest advances.


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